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Reaching High:

A Program Promoting Positive Approaches to Learning Differences

By: Lyn Loger with Stuart Robins, Damien Tinker and Andrew Skinner

Reaching High tells the story of 14 years’ work in north central Victoria around an innovative approach to literacy. Student participatory approaches are central to a program that caters for students with learning differences, with an annual student-run three-day regional camp as the culmination of that program. This camp brings in adult role models who have, or have had, learning differences, to act as mentors for students. Past student participants now also act as leaders, adult role models and assistants.

A new, inspiring and exciting 120-page book documents the development and operation of the Reaching High Program. Reaching High has been written by the Program's founder, Lyn Loger, and by young people who began as program participants and are now community-based young adult role models. Their book outlines the theory and community links behind the program, and how it is built on the active and strength-based participation of students.

Reaching High was first published in December 2006, and copies are available from Connect.

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