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Student Councils and Beyond

Student Councils and Beyond is an exciting Connect publication from and for Australian primary and secondary schools. It is a resource to support the more effective and relevant participation of students in education decision making.

There have been recent and on-going concerns from students, teachers, administrators and consultants that traditional forms of Student Councils in both primary and secondary schools have often failed to deliver. These bodies have been criticised as being exclusive and elitist bodies; bogged down in token issues; unconnected to the broad body of students, school decision-making and other student groups; located outside the curriculum; and ineffective.

Despite this, current educational theory and practice continues to stress the importance of students as active participants and partners in all aspects of school decision-making - over both curriculum and school governance.

Connect magazine has documented and resourced all these aspects of active student participation for over 25 years. Now Connect brings together a collection of ideas that challenge you to go beyond criticisms of ineffective Student Councils.

The 108-page book brings together important articles about Student Councils ... and beyond ... that have appeared in issues of Connect between 1990 and 2005. These essential articles include case studies, stories, strategies, ideas and worksheets.

Student Councils and Beyond enables you to find out what students, teachers and schools have implemented around Australia: exciting and practical ways that you can take the next step to go beyond tokenism ... and make a difference.

Student Councils and Beyond was first published in 2005. Copies are available from Connect for $30 each (including postage). Current subscribers to Connect get copies at a discounted rate: $25 each including postage! (Add $5 per copy for postage outside Australia; all payments in AUD.)

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