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History: The Global Village program commenced broadcasting on PBS-FM in late 1989 and was on air weekly until 1st October, 2006 (mainly 3-5 pm Sundays); it then was not heard for about 18 months until it resumed on March 2, 2008 (8-10 pm Sunday to July 26, 2009; finally shifting to Sundays 5-7 pm from August 2, 2009 until now).
Information in these pages:
The Global Village was and is a weekly radio program on PBS-FM in Melbourne, Australia. It presents traditional and contemporary music from around the world, emphasising acoustic sounds and distinctive fusions. It was broadcast weekly for 17 years from 1989 to 2006 (by Suzette Watkins and myself initially, and then just me each week), and began again in March 2008.

The program presents my interest in contemporary music that reflects traditional melodies, beats, instruments and cultures. So I'm always hunting for the unusual.

Influences and sounds

Some further context and background: On the Global Village, you are likely to hear bagpipe bands from Portugal (Gaiteiros de Lisboa), long compositions from the eastern Mediterranean (Ross Daly and friends or Luigi Cinque and the Tarantula Hypertext O'rchestra), Turkish multicultural rhythms (Kardes Türküler), Persian classical music (Shajarian/Alizadeh) or Iraqi folk tunes with Spanish influences (Ilham Al Madfai), Celtic dawn alarm calls from Asturies (Felpeyu), Russian folk rock on cows horns and bark flutes (The Farlanders), gentle anthems from Scandinavia (Gunnel Mauritzson or Värttinä), Australian-Hungarian dances (Vardos), txalaparta or trikitixa from the Basque Country (Oreka TX or Kepa Junkera), outrageous neo-folk from Galicia (Mercedes Peon), jarocho from California (Conjunto Jardin) - and much more. I've recently become interested in Occitane music from the south of France - artists as diverse as Marilis Orionaa, Massilia Sound System and Moussu T e lei Jovents.

And you are also likely to hear local music - including informative interviews - from Yalla!/Klezmeritis, Kavisha Mazzella, Spiel Azoi, Klezmania, Dididumdum, Shane Howard, Jenny M Thomas, Rosie Westbrook, Barb Dwyer, Unified Gecko/Baro Banda, Vinod Prasanna, Glen Kniebeiss and Chris Sprague, Pin Rada ... and MANY more!

I also encourage feedback and questions from those wanting to learn more about the music: e-mail me on

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